Thursday, January 31, 2002

My miracles today!

January 31, 2002

- Toblerone Chocolate Bar from Lola Fima
- Box from Chris Deering filled with quilting notions and supplies:
o Appliqué scissors
o Appliqué pins
o Pigma pens
o Stencil burner
o Marking pencils
- Shrimps for lunch
- Free dinner from Tita Fe and Imbiss sausages
- Positive turn-out of interested appliqué students
- Great quilting buddies: Julie, Jojo, Rahkee, Cecille, Dori and Marlene
- PhP******* from Mama

Lord, these things, are so much than I can ever ask in a day! Thank you! Starting today, I will be a miracle collector! Thank you so abundantly, my Lord!