Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lost in the Busy Life

lost in the desert

I am busy
as you can see
I start early
up until wee.
My hands are strong
my days are long
as you can see
I am just busy.

No time to sit -
For I need to load
a pile of laundry
or I'll explode!
No time to flip
My Bible here
for I need to hurry
to work, I'm needed there.

At home I bake
lots of cake,
I scrub the tiles
and stir some fries.
That's lots of work -
No time to soak
In God's presence
My heart goes broke.

I tend to do much
sorts of things as such
I see myself
like a ticking clock.
I ran to and fro
where the wind blows
there I go
Into empty space, I grow.

Where am I going?
My heart's bleeding.
Can you hear me?
My head is turning.
How can I see?
My eyes are weeping.
When do I flee?
My feet's still moving.

Lost in the busy life-
Imprisoned with strife.
Lost in the wilderness,
chained is my plight.
concerns in darkness
Lost in the desert.
dry, parched and desolate
my heart devastates.

Friday, January 5, 2007

The Salvador Siblings!

Adieu, Anna!

My friend, Anna, leaves for Chicago today as a nurse. I pray that you'll have a safe trip, dear. We will miss you and that our friendship continues to flourish even we are miles apart!