Saturday, December 8, 2007

The power of a prayerful wife and mother

I want to be the best wife and mother I can be to my husband and children. But surely, I can never master the role. Most often than not, I make mistakes and get busy just like everyone else. Being a wife and mom can be overwhelming. It is stressful. It is like I am pressed on all sides and the demands are endless. It is during these times that I am blessed to have a prayer support system.

God laid a burden on my friend’s heart to start a women’s group in 2003. Women in our church come from all walks of life with unique backgrounds, concerns and struggles. And so we have formed different women’s groups that cater to individual needs and unique giftings: Moms n’ Wives, Silver Belles, Golden Girls, Single Again, Young Ladies, Single Moms, S.S.S., W.O.W, and One Heart.

There’s about 5 of us in my group who meet every week. We are the Moms n’ Wives group. Our goal? We pray for one another, our husbands and children. We usually read a chapter at home from a book that we choose. When we get together, our focus is centered on the chapter we read or sometimes it might be sharing about our struggles or praying for our husband and children.

I can’t tell you what a blessing this group and time on our knees before God has been in my life. You see, my family benefits from my (our) prayers. But I benefit too. I benefit from hearing other wives shoulder my concerns and lift them up on my behalf. I benefit from giving those same concerns to the Lord instead of trying to handle them on my own. And in the process, I in turn, have been growing and digging into my own heart the desire to be more of a helpmate and blessing to my husband, a resting place to my children and a genuine friend to the people around me as well.

The tears and praises I share with these other women stretches my heart and inspire me with my relationships with my family, friends and loved ones as I get godly advice and counsel from my groupmates.

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Lisa said...

Jenny, this is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed this article for several reasons. #1 prayer is critical to our lives as Christians and praying for our marriages, families and others is such a privilege and a necessity. I pray you and the ladies in your group continue to pray together. I had a home based women's ministry for 6 years and I know the joy it brought us in prayer, fellowship, I taught Bible Based Living classes and we reached out to the community. Remain encouraged in the Lord.

Lisa Shaw

Rozanna said...

WoW, it feels so go to know that all around the world there are women who are devoted to serving God and helping others through prayer and advices.
May God continually bless your women's group. It is so encouraging. This is something i'd like to apply in my life as I am just 2 monts away from becoming a wife myself.
Keep it up