Tuesday, December 4, 2007

On the little things and the little creature

I had my moment this early morning and took a picture of the baho-baho flowers that are abundantly flourishing in the garden. When I uploaded the picture unto my laptap, I noticed a little creature that was focused on my camera.

This reminds me of the things we take for granted. Oftentimes, we miss out the little things that gives beauty to life!

The Little Things
by Marian Jones

Thank you God for little things
That bring much joy our way,
Like a sudden burst of sunshine
Cleansing a sky of grey.

A kindness from a stranger,
Children's laughter as they play;
There are so many little things
That brighten up each day.

Things we take for granted,
Like someone's thoughtful deed;
A perfect flower unfolding
Amidst a patch of weeds.

So at the end of every day
When we turn to God and pray
Let's thank Him for the little things,
He loves to send our way.

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enaj said...

I don't know how I got here, but I love your blogs.. have a merry Christmas to you and your family.. keep blogging! ;)