Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enjoy Harmony in Your Home - Part V

Build teamwork among your family members. Give every family member in your house the opportunity to express their goals for your household. Then do whatever you can to work together to pursue common goals. Avoid nagging or yelling when trying to motivate family members to pitch in with their share of the work around the house; realize that nagging and yelling never motivates people and creates negative relationships with them. Instead, identify expectations clearly (define what your family considers to be a clean house, and how certain chores should be done to be done successfully) and negotiate with kindness and respect. Use incentives like praise and rewards to positively motivate your family members – especially your children. Remember that you’re doing your kids a favor when you require them to help with household chores; you’re helping them learn valuable life skills they’ll need when they live on their own, and you’re giving them opportunities to invest in their home to increase their sense that it belongs to them, too. Be sure to thank each of your family members for the chores they do, even though they’re expected to do the work. Let them know regularly how much you appreciate their contributions to your family’s household.

Friday, February 22, 2008

“Crossroads” - I didn’t see it

The last few days have been pretty grueling. Three of my children stayed home from school because of the flu. I’m physically exhausted for I have to get up at 3 in the morning to give my daughter her dose of medicine. And every time I tried to return to sleep, I’m more likely to toss back my head with eyes wide open. And if I did, I wake up the next day, groggy.

One evening, after a disappointing night from my IELTS class, I turned to my husband and told him that I was not getting up at 3 in the morning to give Caila’s dose of medicine. Instead, I suggested to alter her medication therapy by getting up early the next day and give her dose at 6. It was a lousy plan but having to cut my sleep was the last thing in my mind. I was just dying to get a full straight sleep.

My husband thought otherwise. He volunteered to get up at 3 am to give Caila her dose while I was catching my much needed rest.

That morning, I got a message from him and this was what he wrote:

“Last night just before sleeping, God impressed to me something that changed my view of things and made the task much lighter. He reminded me of SERVANTHOOD "see others first before you see yourself." when you said that you would give Caila's meds in the morning instead of at 3am, I knew you were not up to it because you were feeling down and needed rest. I understood that and so I volunteered but my flesh was also tired and wanted to agree with you to give the meds in the morning. But I felt Caila's cough needed attention and that those meds would help, yet, getting up at 3am would interrupt my comfort zone. So God impressed those words to me and I immediately felt the burden leave me. I felt that I would now do the task for the benefit of Caila even if it meant cutting my rest.

“This morning I felt a burden of handling my small group of rowdy school boys. They are just so difficult to handle and they drain me out. But the Lord reminded me again just like last night "see others first before you see yourself," and just like last night, the burden immediately went away.”

“I share this with you because this might help you out too. love you babe.”

I didn’t see this. In my heart, I knew I was capable of going the extra mile. I have the ability and strength to get up in the wee hours to give my daughter her dose but I decided not to do so.

Upon reading my husbands message, I was reminded by Philippines 2: 3-4 says, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

I was convicted by the Holy Spirit. As I was going through the study of this verse, I realized the full meaning of it. It says:

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit…. It was necessary for me to point out those undesirable attitudes. Possessing an attitude of “self-centeredness” will destroy me, my relationships, and the unity in the body of Christ. God brought me back to my desert experience and reminded me that this was the very first thing He wanted me to break. Instead, humility should be my priority in all that I do. It should be uncomplicated to maintain if I kept in mind my own faults and weaknesses and my vulnerability to sin. When humility is lived out, God is glorified.

“Consider others better than yourselves”…. Again, I was reminded to look WITHIN and see my own heart condition with all its faults. I cannot keep looking at the faults of others when I, myself, is loaded with unpleasing attitudes. (Romans 12:10b “in honor giving preference to one another)

“but also to the interests of others”….. If I look at the good side of other people and how valuable they are to God, this should eliminate my problem of "selfish ambition”.

God is continually cutting branches that are not bearing fruit…. It’s painful but I know it is for me to grow and mature so I can bear much fruit for His glory. I thank God for my husband who has shown and reminded me this truth.

Passage reference: Ephesians 4:1-32

Thursday, February 21, 2008


This poem is dedicated to
my ever true
and loving husband,

I know of a man
hardworking and strong
whose hands are busy
and works day long.
He stands with a good name
with integrity, not fame
to his children he leaves
a legacy, unblemished.
To model a life of wisdom
for Christ, as he gets older.
I know this because
He is a father.

I know of such a man
who shares the pain
and rejoices when
a sibling has a gain.
He lends a hand
when trouble comes
and will always
be there to understand.
He sees first the other
before his very own.
I know this because
He is a brother.

I know of that man
reflects the heart
of his love for Christ
Who walks in faith
And trusts so deep
His words he always keeps.
He loves the Lord
for Him to hold his dreams
and hopes unfold
and trust His plans.
I know this because
He is a Christian.

I know the man
from God He gave
to one who loves him so.
His words are gentle
and loves so warm
his touch is always fragile.
A best friend, forever
a wise mentor,
and a mysterious lover.
He treats me grand
I know this because
He is my husband.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crossroads - "The Dash"

This video was forwarded to me by my friend, Loreen. I hope it will bless you too!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and maybe it will help you take life a little slower and with more meaning.

In July 2006, a short 3-minute movie was launched on the Internet called The Dash. Since then, over 40 million people from around the world have watched it; and over 20,000 a day continue to watch it as a result of people passing it along.

The movie has been more successful than we could have ever imagined. More importantly, however, it has inspired many, many people to reflect on their lives and ask that all important question, 'Are my priorities where they should be?'

I hope you enjoy this movie and share it with those who are close to you.

Live the Life You Have Imagined!

Lunch Delight

I have prepared a quick lunch: a combination of green salad with thousand island dressing, chops in hickory sauce and sweet corn soup.

Chops in Hickory Sauce
For the chops, just boil until tender (about 1 hour) in a large pan:

1 kilo port chops (about 8 slices)
1 sprite, 8 oz.
¼ cup barbeque sauce
¼ cup hickory barbeque sauce
1 head red onion, sliced
8 cloves garlic, crushed
freshly cracked pepper
brown sugar
salt to taste

Garnish with fresh oregano and chopped chives.


Langka Preserve

Common Names: Jackfruit, Jakfruit, Jaca, Nangka, Langka
Our Jackfruit tree in our backyard has more than double the fruits this year! Last Friday, it so happened that my friend, Tito Manny, also arrived at Ikthus with a basketful of langka fruit for desert! There was more left so I volunteered to make something out of it.

I thought of Langka preserve. I would have wanted to make candies (candied langka) but the weather has not permitted for it will entail sun drying.

The preserve turned out to be really good. Try this recipe:

4 cups shredded langka
4 cups water
4 cups white sugar
1 piece lemon
grated rind of 1 piece lemon
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 tsp. cinnamon

In a large pan with lid, combine sugar and water and let it boil for 10 minutes. Add in the langka, and the juice of one lemon, vanilla and rind. Simmer for another 10 minutes.

Let it stand overnight.

The next day, drain by separating the caramelized sugar and langka. Put the langka in sterilized bottles. Boil the caramelized sugar then add it in the langka preserves and fill up to almost the rim of the bottle.

Let it cool. Line the bottles with wax paper before sealing.

Refrigerate. The preserve is good for 2 weeks only. Great as ice cream topping or mix in special halo-halo, filling in homemade waffles or spread unto buttered toast..

Just Give

Luke 6:38 "Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you." (NIV)

I have learned that giving is such a fulfilling thing! It was modeled to us by God Himself when He gave His only begotten Son to us to save the world from eternal condemnation. Giving is not dependent on the condition of our checkbooks or the balances of our savings account. Giving is dependent on the condition of our hearts.

Giving shouldn’t be expensive or entail expense. There are many ways to give. Let me share some creative ways to give gifts that are straight from the heart:

1. A homemade gift. Giving something you make represents time and effort invested on the recipient's behalf. Each year, I always make it a point that I make something for Christmas as gifts. It has become a family tradition and we just love the thought of giving something that my family makes. (Whet Your Appetite)

2. A treasured gift. Give something you already have, something that is of special value to you. Not your junk, but your treasure. Don't ask the question, "What can I buy for Anna?" Ask the question, "What do I have that would mean a lot to Anna?" I happen to one time weed out my closet and found treasured curtains that I sewed myself. I asked the Lord to whom I should be giving them and He impressed in my heart the names of people to whom I should give the curtains to.

3. A gift of encouragement. Tell someone what they mean to you. Write it down so they can read your encouraging words several times. Writing it down can help you say it better and requires more time and thought. You can also make a tape or CD of encouraging words and thoughts for those who can't see well or for that hurried mom who spends much of her life in a car. In my journal, I have several notes tucked as bookmarks for special verses; notes of encouragement from my daughter and friends that have kept me on my feet during difficult times. (Daisy’s letter to me)

4. A blind gift. Give a gift to someone you don't know; a gift that is given in Jesus' name, just because you love Him. I recently read an article about a millionaire who sets aside large sums of money at Christmas. Dressed in a disguise, he then walks the streets, pressing $100 bills into the hands of the needy. "It makes my whole year," he says. As for my experience, I am always encouraged to receive a surprise gift like a bar of chocolate from an anonymous giver. My heart just bloats to know that someone thinks of me.

5. A secret gift. Give a gift to someone you know without them knowing who gave it. Give with no hidden motive and with no possible benefit to yourself. Like most families in the ministry, Bim and I are on an extremely tight budget. At several occasions, we had no money for groceries, a fact we shared with no one but God. We wanted to see what He would do. And just as when we needed it, an anonymous giver sends us either bags of groceries or an envelop with money or check in it. God is awesome! We don't know who gave us the gifts but every time I remember them, I ask God to bless them for their secret gift. (“Do You believe in Santa Claus?)

6. A gift of time. When we give thirty minutes of time, we are giving thirty minutes of life. My mother is in her old age and as often as I possibly can, I see to it that my family visits her. Along with Bim and the children, we spend a few hours with her. Our presence means a lot to her and I can see it in her eyes that she treasures our visits.

May you find real meaning in giving by sharing a part of what you are blessed with!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Enjoy Harmony in Your Home - Part IV

Communicate wisely with your spouse. Share the workload around the house. View each other as the equal partners you are, and seek to bless each other when you do chores, rather than resenting the work you have to do. Forget tradition when dividing household responsibilities; instead, divide them by who’s most gifted to handle what and how much time you each have at home. If your husband is a better cook than you and has the time to cook, encourage him to do so. If your wife can perform house and car repairs and is available for it, invite her to do so. Figure out how you and your spouse’s strengths and weaknesses complement each other. Expect that you’ll each sometimes fail to complete chores on time or well; whenever that happens, forgive and help each other. Whenever you disagree about a job that needs to be done around the house, pray for God to help you resolve the conflict with wisdom. Discover projects you both enjoy and can work on together to strengthen your bond.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crossroads - "My cup is filled"

It's a cool
clammy morning
I feel the air
smell of green grass
my eyes look up
with my empty cup.
A lovely day -
blue skies amass
I lay my Bible
on my lap,
to drink of living waters
to bath in showers
that never rans dry -
pools of streams
refreshes a neck that's wry.
Holy Spirit, it's me, You leadeth,
like a dance
in the heat waves,
my spirit will not waives
or in the desert
my well pollulates.

You bring truth to emptiness
to overflowing
from barreness,
my heart bestowing.
In Your presence
so infilling.
My cup runneth over
surely I drink
and am satisfied -
yet no one knows!
Into my depths
purport sinks.
And so I dance and sing
With my soul, I cling
Unto You, O God
Precious love, You bring.
Living waters,
a real thing.
O glorious God
I wear Your ring
I wish they knew
You are my King!

Enjoy Harmony in Your Home - Part III

Write a family mission statement. Sit down with your spouse to think and pray about setting priorities for your family. Why does your family exist? What is God’s purpose for your family, and what’s your basic approach to achieving that purpose? What are you trying to accomplish as your family’s manager? What core values guide your decisions? What type of atmosphere do you want to create in your home? What type of memories do you want your children to take with them once they grow up and leave home? Realize that if you fail to set clear priorities and build your decisions around them, your family life will likely end up quite different from how you’d like it to be. So write a family mission statement that explains what’s most important to your family, and why. Then keep that mission statement in mind when you make decisions every day, so you can build your choices around what’s most important to your family. Whenever your plans are interrupted by something unexpected happening, pray for God to help you put those interruptions into perspective so they don’t cause you unnecessary stress, and to give you the wisdom you need to respond to them well.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pata Jamon de Immaculada

The Chinese New Year flavor continues on in my home. This was another reinvented recipe I have tried this evening. It's a cross between homemade ham and patatim churned into one. It turned out to be super delicious! Try my recipe:

The rub mixture:
1 leg of pork
about 1 tablespoon rock salt
1 teaspoon of ginisa flavor mix
1 small head red onion, chopped
8 cloves garlic, chopped
a dash of freshly cracked pepper

The marinade:
1 sprite, 8 oz.
4 tablespoons of brown sugar (or more to add to your taste)
1/8 cup of hickory barbeque sauce
1/8 cup of soy sauce
a heaping tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
a heaping tablespoon of garlic - flavored maggi savor

Rub the ingredients above unto the leg of pork and let it sit for an hour. Place the leg of pork in a bowl or pyrex large dish (or a marinating container) along with the marinade mixture. Marinate overnight and refrigerate (do not freeze), turning the other side after 12 hours. It is best to prepare the leg after lunch and turn the other side before bedtime.

In a large iron pan with lid, boil the leg of pork, along with the marinade mixture with the fat side down for an hour in very low heat. Turn the leg of pork after one hour. Make sure that the marinade mixture has not fully evaporated. Add in a few tablespoons of water in case the sauce becomes too thick.

Continue the cooking for another hour or so. Test for tenderness and taste and correct the seasoning if needed.

Serve in a serving platter and garnish with fresh oregano leaves and chopped chives.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Song of Redemption

written February 3, 2007
Women's Retreat

When I am sad, You take the frown
When fast I ran, You slow me down
When down I drown, You pull me up
And to the ground, You lift me up.

Oh Lord my God, You shine above
No more to hide, no more the pride
You wrap me love, you keep me warm
No more the tears, no more the harm.

When I am tired, You grant me rest
And when I'm swift, You say, "not yet"
When heart's so hard, Your love abounds
When I am lost, You take me home.

Oh Lord my God, Your love everlasting
When I'm wayward, You always cling
When I go far, You stay and wait
With grace You stay until I'm found.

When I'm afraid, You cover me
With hands so tender, You comfort me
Heavens may fall, and stars no more
Your ever presence, fears are washed ashore.

Oh Lord my God, You love me so
For this I know, You always show
My precious God, my loving God
My heart is filled, my heart is glad.

Seasons of Time Under Heaven

written Februay 2, 2007
Lectio Divina 1

no reason to scurry
nor be in a hurry
my life's been fashioned
according to His own.

no reason to weep
over past hurts and mistakes
for He knows what's in store
my future is secure.

no need to look back
for I know no lack
He gives me light
with His wings, I can fly!

Yet no need to burrow
my head in sorrow
for He is my arrow
I can face my tomorrow

Yes Lord, I trust You
Yes Lord, I will obey You
Yes Lord, I adore You
Yes Lord, I love You!

Kiong Hee Huat Chay!

Happy New Year to our Chinese friends! We've had a little chinese celebration in the house today. A chinese friend of ours from church gave us a box of Mascuvado flavored tikoy. All I did was just simply roll thin slices in beaten eggs and fried them in very hot oil. I could have wrapped them in lumpia wrappers but just didn't have the time to swing by at the market.

So here, some golden fried mascuvado-flavored tikoy. They looked delicious but knowing they're loaded with fat, I just had a few bites. My kids sprinkled brown sugar and masticated all the glutenous blubber in just a couple of minutes!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Name a Blessing

This was my daughter’s idea which she calls, “Name a Blessing”. She cut small pieces of cards of the same sizes (about 1 inch by 2 inches) from bondpapers and wrote down all the things she believed to be a “blessing” in her life. She keeps these cards inside a cute yellow wallet she calls, “Blessing Purse”.

Well, at her tender age, I expected she would write on the cards her barbie dolls, her favorite books, her art pens, her clothes, her make-up, and her favorite “things”. To my surprise, all the “things” written on them were “names” of people!

Wow! It just dawned on me. My daughter values relationships with people more than her toys and girly things!!! To add to that, she lays in place these cards on a table each night and adds more cards to the stack. Then, she takes out the prayer stones she prayed for that day and places them on top of the cards with the same names written on them. She then prays a thanksgiving prayer for each names of the stones she picked up from the prayer tray and recites the many blessings she received that day or that week.

I’m just in awe! My daughter recognizes true blessings in people and the importance of praying for them!

This is a tremendous blessing to me! Big time! My daughter just thought of something really brilliant and I am very proud of her.

.......hhhmmm, I might cut some pieces of paper and make my own Name a Blessing cards…. maybe I could borrow some of her pigma and glitter pens… and…. maybe use….. the pinking scissors to cut……

Friday, February 8, 2008

"Crossroads" - Change my heart, Oh God

Late afternoon yesterday, as I was about to disembark from a cab to get to my IELTS class, there was this fat lady on her motorcycle, who impulsively uttered a “nasty” word at me. I thought at first she was just talking to herself. When I got off the cab, with a tempestuous look, she raged at me and said, “You could have stayed longer in the cab!” “Whoa! Was she talking to me?” As I walked passed her, she started her motorbike and sped away. “What did I do?” I later realized that the cab stopped in front of her preventing her from getting out to the main street. “Hey, it’s not my fault,” mutely, I reasoned with crossed brows.

As I was walking towards the escalator, I mused to myself, “There are just bitter, angry, and nasty people in this world.” Then it hit me, just as I was climbing up the last set of stairs to the third floor of the building, God impressed in my heart that I am like that too.

I stopped for a moment and pondered on the impression into my heart. I whispered, “That’s so ugly, Lord! What are you trying to tell me?”

I realized that I can be despicable in my words, in my actions and in my thoughts. Oftentimes, I can be harsh with my words to others without me knowing it. When I’m in a hurry and stressed out, I can be impatient and my actions will show it. When I see people’s mistakes, I think of their weaknesses as stupidity. All these are ugly manifestations contained in me! I’m no different from that fat woman I met earlier.

Before I walked in the room, I uttered a short prayer, “Lord God, forgive me. Forgive my bitter heart. Change my heart, Oh God. I ask you to take away bitterness and anger from me. I ask you to teach me to be forgiving, to be forbearing, and to honor others so I can bless them with kindness, patience and love. In Your precious name, Jesus. Amen.”

Sweet Blessings,


Join me
My Midlife Journey

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Enjoy Harmony in your Home - Part 2

Discover your personal management style. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to run your home the way others do, figure out how to make your unique design and God-given gifts work best for you. Make a list of activities that energize you, and another of tasks that drain your energy. As you study the list of what you like to do, notice what patterns you see repeated in them. Do you enjoy working with people, numbers, tools, words, ideas, techniques, colors, fabrics, food, or physical things? Then ask yourself how you can spend more time and energy on tasks you enjoy and do well. How can you maximize your strengths and delegate the jobs that drain you? Are there other family members who like to do what you don’t like doing yourself? If so, could you delegate those tasks to them? If not, could you barter with a friend to switch tasks sometimes at each other’s homes, or hire help to get certain tasks done? Remember that there will always be jobs you hate doing, but you can learn to work with your strengths and work around areas where you’re not gifted and through people who are.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Enjoy Harmony in your home - Part 1

You step over piles of clutter as you rush to get the kids ready for school. When you open the refrigerator, you discover that you’re out of milk again, but dry cereal will have to do for breakfast. There’s no time to run to the store because you’re running late. Then your kids tell you that they can’t find any clean shirts to wear because you haven’t gotten to the laundry. You wish you could go to school in their places because you just want to escape from the chaos in your house for a while. Does this remind you of your household?

If not, how about this: Your young son comes in the house from playing in the backyard and immediately tracks mud all over your clean carpets. You yell at him and feel bad when he cries, but doesn’t he realize how exhausted you are from cleaning the house all day long? And now you have to finish cooking a dinner from scratch. Your daughter offers to help you cook; she even says it would be fun for her. But fun is the last thing on your mind right now. You send both of your kids away so you can focus on getting everything done exactly right.

Neither extreme is healthy. You can have a clean, organized, and peaceful home – and time to enjoy it – if you seek God’s wisdom about managing it.

Here’s how you can enjoy harmony in your household:

Manage your home as well as you would a business.
Recognize that running your home is much like running a business. You and others in your household provide important services like food preparation, child raising, laundry, transportation, housecleaning, caring for the sick, caring for the lawn and garden, home and car maintenance and repair, acquiring goods and services, and financial accounting. Managing your household is important work that requires someone to take charge, and the person who assumes responsibility for serving as the manager deserves appreciation and respect. If you’re a single parent, you’re your family’s manager. If you’re married, figure out who can best serve in the role (you or your spouse) – according to who has the most amount of time at home (even if you both work outside the home). Understand, though, that while just one person serves as the manager, he or she manages a team of family members who all pitch in to do the work – just like in a professional workplace. Divide the various household chores among yourself, your spouse, and your children, according to each person’s giftedness and availability. Know that your work at home has just as much dignity, honor, and value as professional work. Do your best to work together to create a home that runs as smoothly as a successful business.

New series on Parenting

Hello! I will be posting a new series on Parenting. To start off with the series, I have found this very helpful article from The title is: ENJOY HARMONY IN YOUR HOME.

As i went through the article, the activities mentioned are also being practiced in my own home. The instructions herein has proven to be very effetive. I will be posting them in sections here so expect a long series. I hope that they will serve as practical parenting guide to you.

Sweet Blessings!

Prayerful Eyes

Those chocolate brown eyes
Oh how bright as the skies!
Encapsulated in innocence
bristled with sweetness -
like honey in the wild
so pure, untainted.

They shine like pearls -
like stars, they magically twinkle.
unlike the other girls-
my heart, they tickle.
the very depths of my being,
once touched, gleefully, I sing.

Those eyes, subtle as they seem,
many beautiful days they have seen.
Moments of sorrow, they hide in a shadow.
Though they love laughing freely, like a dove.
Yet like glass, so fragile, so sweet -
a chiseled crystal that crumbles under anyone’s feet.

There was once, those eyes, I glanced,
and was healed from life’s hurts and pains.
A balm like green grass in the fields
of dandelions and fresh rain
or a stream of silver leaves afloat,
Oh heavens! They’re truly I devote!

Those gorgeous eyes belong to-
A child’s prayerful heart.
Those eyes reflect the windows to
whom I dearly love.
Each day, many names she lifts up to
the Heavenly One above.

Protect those eyes, Oh God.
I pray they’re never sad.
For all the blessed years to come
Life’s troubles, I wish she'll never have.
Oh God, grant my cry, a mother’s desire
Unto her heart and spirit, ignite afire.

But only then can I be at rest
When I release her to you, Father.
She'll journey on her own life's quest
the only way to stay stronger
and fulfill her dreams to her best
I can only hold her for so much longer.

May she grow fearing You,
who will stand but never afraid.
May she trust and obey You
unwavering, that she’ll never trade.
And forevermore love You -
a devotion that will never fade.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cutie Jars

These cutie and just "can't resist" adorable jars I found at a sort-of flea market in Dumaguete.... and I thought my spiced vinegars would feel right in their new abode. Thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, I then poured in what's left of the "sinamak bisaya" made last Christmas. Then tied with silver and rose silk ribbons. How swell is that!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Oops, I have reached my CROSSROADS!

Hi! I know I have not blogged here lately..... for several reasons:

..... can't find the time

..... been writing devotional articles for the Day by Day website (

..... laptap's been really, really slow. I had to defrag but it's been a drag lately. I wonder if I needed to increase the speed and memory? Hhhhhmmmmm....... Danjo, I need your expert advise!

..... joined an out-of-town 3-day retreat with other godly women

..... with being out of town for a few days, I need to reorganize my "home"

..... my IELTS (International English Language Testing System) evening classes has started ... that leaves me with very little time with my family .....i try to spend more time with my children when I'm around them... when they get home from school and not with my computer.

..... I'm at my crossroads.....

..... i would like to leave my Martha role and begin to walk like Mary.... I want to spend more time with my Lord.... I find a need to reorient myself .... systems need to be in order according to "right priorities"..... been doing a lot of Martha activities all my life!.... it's time to be still..... but of course, you'll hear of me, but not as often as I used to.... but don't fret, my friends. I'll be around.... as always.... infact, i'll be writing more about my "Crossroads" experience soon..... so please get excited....

.... and I also want to know if I'm being missed.....

Sweet Blessings,