Friday, February 15, 2002

Thank you for this child

Entry: January 3, 2001

Dear Lord, thank you that I am pregnant. Thank you that you have allowed us to have our fourth child. Thank you that you have plans for this child. Thank you that before the whole creation of the universe, you have called this child her name. She is created for heaven!
Thank you that even if I don’t fathom your plans and see your hand in this today, you have assured me in my heart that you will cradle us in your arms. This child is another reward from you. I will see her grow, I will see her turn into a blessed woman someday and I will remember this time, this very writing why I thanked you for bringing this child into our lives.
Lord, help me, teach me, show me. Lord, help me rear this child in your ways so that she may not depart from it.
Let me carry this child with rejoicing and dancing! I claim for your redemption from the curse – that I may have no complications, morning sickness or nausea. I claim the redemption of painless delivery. I claim the redemption of normal delivery, good health and abundant provision.
Thank you Lord that we will not lack less but have more. Thank you that you will surround us with people that you will use to encourage us, to support us, to pray for us, and to lighten the load for us.
Lord, I rejoice in you. I love you and I come before you with humility.

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