Thursday, June 17, 2004

A chat with God

17 June 2004

Me: “Dear Lord, living a life of faith must be tough! How much faith is required?”

Him: “Just simple obedience.”

Me: Wow, Lord, that simple? How about a faith that can move mountains? Now, that’s a lot of faith!”

Him: “Not really, just plain obedience. Start by obeying simple, small truths. That’s all.”

Me: What else, God?

Him: “Trust Me.”

Me: Trust and total surrender, even if I have to do it 50 times a day, right?”

Him: Yes, even more than 50 times a day, if needed, my child. It’s trusting one breath at a time.”

Me: Lord, I trust you but I’m wiped out!” …. Just as David said.

Him: “My grace is sufficient for you.”

Me: “So be it, Lord, Amen.”