Sunday, December 31, 2006

Monday, December 25, 2006

The best this Christmas

Christmas 2006

It’s Christmas day and I only had 3 hours of sleep. It wasn’t because I had to stay up for Christmas Eve. We were all ready for bed by 10ish last night after our family holiday routine: Christmas service, Christmas dinner and opening of gifts. My hubby and kids were soooo tired from the excitement. On the other hand, I was too full of emotions, mixed I guess. I just couldn’t sleep straight.
You see, after two years of putting our house up for sale, finally, a buyer found it and they’re very interested. I’m kinda’ excited yet sad of the turn of events. Last night, during the Christmas service, I couldn’t help but cry for joy as I recollect the many awesome blessings He has bestowed upon this family. At the same time, I couldn’t understand what has gotten into me when the song, “How great thou art” began to unfold its melody and lyrics. I just wept, sobbed and wept. Good thing I was wearing a waterproof mascara or my face would have turned out to be real muddy!
I may be losing a house that my husband and I built with our own hands, a house filled with love and laughter! I saw my children grew up here. I recall, my daughter who is fond of cooking baked her first choco chip cookies as she laid them neatly on the kitchen counter… in my favorite part of the house, the kitchen! I had my quilting classes here, bible studies, family get-togethers and reunion, big time and memorable events! On a good early morning with a fresh cup of coffee in my hand, I open the lanai french doors, sit on an inherited butaca, comfy chair and just listen to the birds chirp their praise and worship to the Lord, meditate on His goodness as the cool, fresh breeze brush the skin of my face. The garden, the smell of musky, all green grass and the blooming flowers with all kinds of color: red, orange and violet, brightens my day! The dining area with the dining table where we eat our meals together….. the island table in my kitchen….. this place is so peacefully beautiful, I could hear a pin drop. This place is home. This place is haven of rest. This place, this house, has been such a dear to me and moving out will definitely break my heart!
And with all this, I thought, no matter what I do, no amount of plans I set and goals I want to achieve, the journey for this family is still in the hands of the Father. The bible says, “have faith in the unseen”. It’s hard to ascertain when they are not seen on sight. In the unforeseen events, God has taught me to increase my faith and entrust everything on His sovereignty knowing that the path and destination for my family was established way before creation came to be. It’s letting go and letting Him take authority of the many concerns in my life. And indeed, miracles happen! God is faithful and good. At the end, His plans prevail and His name, glorified!
For Him to send a buyer for our house is a sign that He is taking us to a better place, our “Promised Land”. A land that is filled with milk and honey, a land that will give my children better options and a brighter future, a land with a new set of mission work where only this family can accomplish under heaven.
I have to go through the process of pain so I can move on. Having to experience the reality about life here on earth….. earthly things are temporary. Only one thing is permanent: “relationships”…. with our God and the people whom we care and love around us.
The best thing that happened to me this Christmas is knowing I have my loved ones, families and friends whom I keep a great relationship with. All of them, all shapes and sizes, different personalities, most often times unpredictable, great giftings and skills. Your lives are all important and valuable to me far more than rubies and diamonds!! That is the best blessing, not only this Christmas but knowing it in my heart everyday, life is full indeed!
Christmas wishes from my home and as we welcome the coming new year, I send you blessings of peace, joy, love and good health!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Our 15th Christmas

December Family Newsletter
Our 15th Christmas, 2006

Warm greetings in Jesus name!

“To God be the glory!” There truly is no other way to live life but to live it for His glory.
Our four lovely children are a blessing indeed, CJ (13), Jed (12), Daisy (7), and Kay (4). The first three are in school while Caila will start school next year. They are all healthy, smart, well-behaved, and have earned not only academic awards but character awards as well. It is only by God’s grace that they have turned out the way they have and we as parents delight in them.
CJ (Christopher Julian) loves badminton and is “Captain” of their school basketball team. He is about Bim’s height now with a 12 shoe size! Jed (Christian Jared) enjoys badminton and soccer and has “tons” of friends. Both boys are very active and excel in sports activities. Daisy (Cyra Jannela) loves to be a chef or a baker someday. She is fond of identifying ingredients of the food that she eats. Her dream is to bake the best chocochip cookies in the world! She learned to ride a bike this year and is saving all her Christmas money for a new one. Kay (Caila Jazper) is talkative and is just a darling. She loves to draw, write and create stuff out of paper. She home schools with Mom and is excited to start Kindergarten next school year.
Jenny is in school too, taking up a nursing course as her second degree and will graduate by March 2007. She will immediately review in April for the June local boards. She has been very much involved in Medical Missions twice this year serving to about 13,000 less privileged people in Kabankalan and in Bacolod.
Bim has been a full-time staff member of the Baptist Conference Church of Bacolod since 1998 and tasked to head the Membership department and Small group ministry. He loves to ride his motorcycle and enjoys leading a group of motorcycle enthusiasts for rides and fellowship as often as possible.
It’s been a great year for us. God has never failed to provide for our needs and much more. In His time, He makes all things beautiful!
Blessings from our home to yours!