Friday, March 29, 2013

He is thinking of You and Me

After the arrest in the middle of the night, Jesus was next brought before the Sanhedrin and Caiphus, the High Priest; it is here that the first physical trauma was inflicted. A soldier struck Jesus across the face for remaining silent when questioned by Caiphus. The palace guards then blind-folded Him and mockingly taunted Him to identify them as they each passed by, spat upon Him, and struck Him in the face.

Yet, Jesus didn't say anything because He was thinking of you and me.

The Roman legionnaire steps forward with the flagrum (or flagellum) in his hand. This is a short whip consisting of several heavy, leather thongs with two small balls of lead attached near the ends of each. The heavy whip is brought down with full force again and again across Jesus' shoulders, back, and legs. At first the thongs cut through the skin only. Then, as the blows continue, they cut deeper into the subcutaneous tissues, producing first an oozing of blood from the capillaries and veins of the skin, and finally spurting arterial bleeding from vessels in the underlying muscles.  The small balls of lead first produce large, deep bruises which are broken open by subsequent blows. Finally the skin of the back is hanging in long ribbons and the entire area is an unrecognizable mass of torn, bleeding tissue. When it is determined by the centurion in charge that the prisoner is near death, the beating is finally stopped.

Again, Jesus didn't do anything, because He was thinking of you and me.

The half-fainting Jesus is then untied and allowed to slump to the stone pavement, wet with His own blood. The Roman soldiers see a great joke in this provincial Jew claiming to be king. They throw a robe across His shoulders and place a stick in His hand for a scepter. They still need a crown to make their travesty complete. Flexible branches covered with long thorns (commonly used in bundles for firewood) are plaited into the shape of a crown and this is pressed into His scalp.  After mocking Him and striking Him across the face, the soldiers take the stick from His hand and strike Him across the head, driving the thorns deeper into His scalp. Finally, they tire of their sadistic sport and the robe is torn from His back. Already having adhered to the clots of blood and serum in the wounds, its removal causes excruciating pain just as in the careless removal of a surgical bandage, and almost as though He were again being whipped the wounds once more begin to bleed.

And yet again, Jesus didn't do  or say anything, because He was thinking of you and me.

He stumbles and falls. The rough wood of the beam gouges into the lacerated skin and muscles of the shoulders. He tries to rise, but human muscles have been pushed beyond their endurance.

Jesus is offered wine mixed with myrrh. He refuses to drink.  Simon is ordered to place the patibulum on the ground and Jesus quickly thrown backward with His shoulders against the wood. The legionnaire feels for the depression at the front of the wrist. He drives a heavy, square, wrought-iron nail through the wrist and deep into the wood.  Quickly, he moves to the other side and repeats the action being careful not to pull the arms too tightly, but to allow some flexion and movement. The patibulum is then lifted in place at the top of the stripes and the titulus reading ,"Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" is nailed in place.

Even at this point, Jesus is thinking of you and me.

The left foot is now pressed backward against the right foot, and with both feet extended, toes down, a nail is driven through the arch of each, leaving the knees moderately flexed. The Victim is now crucified. As He slowly sags down with more weight on the nails in the wrists excruciating pain shoots along the fingers and up the arms to explode in the brain -- the nails in the writs are putting pressure on the median nerves.  As He pushes Himself upward to avoid this stretching torment, He places His full weight on the nail through His feet. Again there is the searing agony of the nail tearing through the nerves between the metatarsal bones of the feet.

Jesus cries out in agony, but he is thinking about us still: you and me.

A sponge soaked in posca, the cheap, sour wine which is the staple drink of the Roman legionaries, is lifted to His lips. He apparently doesn't take any of the liquid. The body of Jesus is now in extremes, and He can feel the chill of death creeping through His tissues. This realization brings out His sixth words, possibly little more than a tortured whisper, "It is finished."

Even at His last breath, He was thinking of you and me.

His mission of atonement has completed. Finally He can allow his body to die.

Thus we have had our glimpse -- including the medical evidence -- of that epitome of evil which man has exhibited toward Man and toward God. It has been a terrible sight, and more than enough to leave us despondent and depressed. How grateful we can be that we have the great sequel in the infinite mercy of God toward man -- at once the miracle of the atonement and the expectation of the triumphant Easter morning.

He rose up from death, because all the while, He was thinking of you and me.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's that in your hands?

The past week had been a real testing ground of faith for me and my family. After the incident with my dearly loved eldest brother of ours come other forms of “mountain-trial experiences” to tackle: the huge hospital bill, my brother's recuperation, and so forth.  Yet and again, God had shown Himself mighty and sovereign.  He provided for every need!  Praise Him!  

It came to me that God can take ‘anything’ what we are keeping for ourselves. This may be:   A habit or lifestyle (smoking, drugs, alcohol), a prized possession, a position in office, your job, or even your spouse or partner, your children?  What about your hopes, fears, broken relationships, ambitions?  Oftentimes, when there is a cry for help, we’re so quick to say, "Hey, not me what could I possibly do? I can’t do it. I am not ready.  I simply can’t quit now.  Call the pastor, or others can do a better job than me!”  Then we find ourselves saying, “It will only complicate things…this is a stumbling block—my life is doing so good now, I can manage…. I’m over this… but not yet.  I don’t have enough, there’s nothing of me to give.”

Actually you have something to give.  Let me tell you, God can take them away from you!  He takes our limited abilities, our weaknesses, our  resources, our comforts in life, our dreams and use them for whatever way He chooses for kingdom building and for great purposes. 

The key to the “miraculous” is first of all seeing the need. Then the tough part – the letting go. Once released, God uses what you are keeping for yourself  to tap into His grace and power.  That’s when miracles happen!  They come as we grow in faith and learn to look to God for His grace - and not to our own abilities.

The big question here is this, “Are you humble enough to let go what it is you have in your hands?”  I’ll leave that up to you.

“Then the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?”
“A staff,” Moses replied.
The Lord said, “Throw it on the ground.” Ex 2:2-3

Color:  Seashell
Nikon D40 Macro lens
Song:  Alvin Slaughter:  What’s that you have in your hand?
Please listen to the song.  You’ll be blessed.  I dedicate this song to my siblings.  The greatest MIRACLE I have is you.  I love you all! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing is Wasted

The news of our dearly loved eldest brother Jojo having a heart attack shook us all.  It was a family crisis, more so for those of us siblings living abroad.  But thank God for a successful operation.  My brother went through a two-vessel stent Angioplasty resolving two left and right blocked arteries.  Prayers were stormed in the heavenlies lifing up my brother for healing and restoration.

The ordeal my brother went through emerged a life-changing, life-transformation experience for him, thus, a MIRACLE!

There's nothing that escapes the notice of God. Everything matters to Him. Not only does it matter, but if you are His child, He promises that every part of your life will be used for your good and His glory.
Let it be our prayer that we trust God with every circumstance and moment of our life and for Him to let us see glimpses of how He is making our life beautiful.  Our creator do not waste anything, instead, HE uses everything!  Amen!

"Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted" John 6:12b NIV.

Color:  Seed
Nikon D40
This was an avocado seed taking root planted on a pot of good soil where an old-dried plant had taken homage.  I dedicate the song below to my brother, Jojo Salvador.  I love you Manong.  Your life is more than precious to us!