Saturday, July 5, 2008

COLD White Walls and Shiny Floors

(What shall the future hold? My thoughts about nursing in a foreign land away from home)

Soon will there be long hours of walking, long walks of caring
When the sun sets, the shiny floors, everyday will I stride
With medical supplies, in my hand I shall cautiously grasp,
My long hair twisted in a bun, tied with a net, sheltered with a cap.
There’s no time to sit, my busy hands never go empty
A peek of my sunken eyes, will they ever grow sleepy?
As I stroll by the white walls, in my mind,
I wished, I was home with you that day!

Just a glimpse of a one long night,
Attending to a client, his eyes, so deep.
With an IV line on his left, his height about six feet.
So strong a physique, now frail, lazy and weak.
If he smiles, will mine eyes turn misty?
For I know not the extent I will long for thee.
Swiftly I shall turn away, with cold tears,
unfathomable what may surround me.

I shall take his vital signs, his cold hands held unto mine
With moist eyes, while I take his pulse rate
Like the ocean waves, rhythmically,
I shall flow with his heartbeat.
What may I know but of this man I know not?
What’s with the man that I feel in my gut?
Oh my love, will I hold you beyond the day’s tomorrow?
Will you still be, for we have vowed and said forever?

Ah, somber mystery of this man’s eyes unspeaking
Is that a mirror of an enigma,
Of life’s love with my spouse?
Why, where has this left mine heart seeking?
For I know the secret since the world has known.
And now, where has this left mine spirit fleeing?
The rite of promises, yet they are all unknown.
Alas! To the cross, I lay them down, answers He will have shown.

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voltaire baquero said...

helow maam jenny,
God is really great.. reading your life story really inspired me.. thankx for posting your testimonies so that God's promises and blessings will inspire more people struggling in life. Im voltaire baquero, also an RN from north cotabato,im also scheduled for training dyan sa hollywood hospital this sept 8th 2009, Godwilling, medical exams na lng kulang ko and embassy matters. thanks for shedding light regarding nurse training there in perth.have no idea kasi ano haharapin ko dyan. i know it will need hardwork and wisdom from God to pass the training dyan...also medyo mahirap din makahanap work dyan ngayon with the crisis..but I know God had already planned everything for u and ur family..and im also ppraying for my success dyan..if ok lang po sa inyo, if you have any advise or info for me regarding this training, i would really appreciate it.... if you have facebook sana include nyu po ako .. email ko po..miraculous din po kasi pagka include ko sa sept training, i was denied before also by the DOH perth training so it thought wala na akong pag asa but a friend of mine prayed over me and just few days my agency called that i was contacted by hollywood,..God is really great...anyway, wish you more blessings and to your family..our country will be proud of us.God bless po.. tnx very much..voltz