Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Newsletter, Christmas 2008

Bim continues to serve as full time staff in our church and loves every bit of it. Aside from coordinating the Small Group Ministry, he has found many new challenges and opportunities in his new assignment as overseer of our 10:15 am Sunday Service with a congregation of about 200. He tries to stay fit by having regular visits to the gym with eldest son, CJ.

Jenny became a registered nurse and began her professional practice early this year. In her short stint with the acute hospital experience as an OR nurse, she was promoted from trainee to reliever status. In October, her application was approved by the nurse's board to become a professional nurse in Australia.

CJ, turning 16 by January, has grown to be a handsome man. He will be graduating from high school come March and wants to become an aircraft mechanic someday. His love for sports, particularly basketball, is his favorite pastime.

Jed, 14, loves playing his guitar and soccer is his favorite sport. He is a sophomore and likes preserving insects and even snakes! He has emerged with a well rounded personality and is a friend to everyone. He is active with the church’s youth ministry.

Daisy will be 10 in February. Her dream to become a chef someday remains and she wishes to put up her own restaurant offering the family's favorite dishes in the menu. Like Jenny, she has developed a love for crafts. She can cross stitch and is learning to weave.

Caila, 6, our little one, has began to read; it’s been her favorite thing to do. She is very fond of drawing and writing letters to Mom and Pop. She excels in her school work and is praised by her teachers.

Jenny will commence her training on January 5 with the Nurses Board in Perth, Western Australia and will begin her nursing practice as soon as she is granted a working visa. If all goes well, Bim and the children will follow as early as May. This journey has been traveled in faith. As of this writing, Jenny has not received her visa and she has a plane to catch on January 1! We are hoping for God’s best whatever the outcome is and you will surely know in our next letter.

May your 2009 be a year of blessing!

All our love,

Bim and Jenny

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