Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Imagine Christmas is over..... all the programs have been performed...all the pictures have been taken. The carolers are done singing...the holiday parties have come and gone. The presents are unwrapped and all the big dinners have all been eaten. The christmas music is turned off. The families headed back home. Someone from work is on the phone. The kids have a practice to get to. The house needs to be cleaned. The bills need to be paid. The groceries are running low. The stock market is still down... and up... and down. The tv is on... the news is still worrisome. Life just keeps going as if Christmas never happened.

But it did happen. Look around... the church is full of family, and friends, and laughter because the baby is still the Saviour. And the Saviour is still the gift held out to a world still looking for pure joy... the same earth we live still longs for peace.

But we have the "hope".... we can sing in the midst of.... and wonder of the God who gave His only son... and the Son who gave His life to add us to his family and one day, welcome us HOME.

Imagine, christmas is over. But remember, it really happened.... and it changed everything.

Wishing you and your family the timeless treasures of Christ....the gift of good health, the peace of mind and heart, the harmony and warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends.

A blessed & joyous New Year from our home to yours!


Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely family picture, Jenny. How the kids have grown.

I miss you.

But you'll always have a special place in my heart.

Manang Lidia

rogelio c. medina said...

Jenny, how are you na? - your cousin oggie medina

my email:

Facebook account: rogelio constantino medina

mobile no.: 09273824698

rogelio c. medina said...

Jenny, how are you na?

your cousin, oggie medina
Facebook: rogelio constantino medina
mobile#: 09273824698

P 31 said...

Oggie! How are you! So good to see you here! Thanks for dropping by!