Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I dream of Spring!

Windows all closed
Dreary winter, all wet
nippy wind ferociously bold
Leaves me miserably cold.
Where are the tulips,
the golden sunshine?
lovely ladybug that creeps
the scents of roses divine?
The air so blunt
The skies all taunt
Melodious bluebird
Will you sing again?
Oh,  I long for the teasing
colorful sights
Of blooms and buds  of trees
As they develop into leaves
The love watching new life
As the baby birds
and butterflies
And baby creatures
learning, creeping,
crawling, buzzing!
the look of children’s faces
for new sounds,
new beginnings!
A new flame
unfolding, yearning,
hugging, loving.
Hurry dear Spring,
how I so long for thee!
As of now I dream
For you to come swiftly
‘tis the season
that most revives me.

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