Thursday, April 4, 2013

He's got a plan

This is what my side of the woods look like this morning.  A thick fog  was blanketing the main roads with a visibility of about 50 meters.  I had to take a slow ride home.

Then, after a quick brekky, I walked  Little P to school.  The wind was calm and cool.  I can only hear the birds chirping along the way, and a few logs that barricaded our path which posed as a hazard with very limited visibility.  As I started to head home, the fog started to lift up and the horizon, clearing up.  I saw the clouds moving east uncovering the most amazing sky! Then as I glanced towards the valley revealed the lush greenery.  I can see the birds now hopping from one tree to another!  It was a lovely sight!

God’s will is like that.  There’s nothing mysterious about it really, although knowing God’s will takes a bit of understanding and patience.  But I know five things that lead us to the Father’s will for our lives:

Firstly, God leads us through His written Word (Ps 119:105).  You will never, ever go wrong in consulting Scripture.  God’s word doesn’t beat around the bush… it gives you direct instructions where to go.

Secondly, God leads us through the inner prompting of the Holy Spirit (Phil 2:12-13).  Discerning can be a bit tricky  because much of the time we just can't figure it out.  The Holy Spirit leads, prompts, nudges, steers, and all the more compels you to walk on the right path.

Thirdly, God leads us through the counsel of wise, qualified, trustworthy people. No, I’m not referring to palm or card reading, nor am I gearing towards getting advise or hint from the zodiac signs or some guru from Tibet.  I am talking about a person who has proven himself or herself wise and trustworthy and, therefore, qualified to counsel on such issue or matters at hand.

Fourthly, God leads us into His will by giving us an inner assurance of peace
 (Col 3:15).  Doing God's will demands a decision. And that decision requires faith and action. You can't see the end, so you have to trust Him in faith and then step out. You have to act. Faith and obedience are like twins; they go together.  However, I always advise people that if decisions are drawn up without peace, then, most likely it is not from God.

And lastly, Wait.  God’s message could be one of two things, “no and not yet”.  Believe that He will make your paths straight.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jer. 29:11

Color: Fog
iPhone shot.
Foggy this morning.

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