Monday, October 13, 2008

The Nurse

The world grows better year after year
Because of some nurse in her little sphere,
Puts on her apron and grins and sings
and keeps on going, the same old things.

Taking the vital signs, giving the pills
To remedy mankind's numberless ills;
Feeding and cuddling the baby while answering the bells
Being polite with a heart bequething.

A caring heart, a gentle touch,
Oh how I long to see you well, that much.
In the little time, in my small little way,
"I feel much better", I pray that you say.

Longing for home and all the while,
wearing the same felicitous professional smile.
Blessing the newborn babe's first breath
and closing the eyes that are still in their death.

At times, taking the blame for the doctor's mistakes
Oh dear, what a lot of patience it takes!
Pulled a night shift and off duty at seven o'clock
tired, discouraged and ready to drop!

But called back for emergency special at 7:15!
With woe in my heart, yet, in my eyes not to be seen.
Morning and evening, noon and night,
praying, hoping, and doing what's right.

When I lay down my cap and cross the bar,
Oh Lord, will you give me just one little star?
To wear with my crown and with my white uniform, new
In that city above, where the Head Nurse is You!

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