Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting Ready to Cross the Jordan River - Part 2

This year, 2008, four decades after, the fulfillment of the vision and mission is beginning to unfold. The results of the local boards came out early this year and I passed with flying colors. I went into training in the hospital and was promoted twice in just a couple of months.

In November 3, my application with the Midwives and Nurses Board of Western Australia was approved, November 5, we signed a Deed of Sale for the house, which has been up in the market for almost 4 years. Even the buyer of the house offered to let us stay until we leave for Australia. November 7, I was given a clinical placement for training with Hollywood Hospital, Perth Western Australia. All of these happened in a week's time!

The following days after that, I was sent an application for employment and Medical clearance with St. John of God in Perth Australia and an interview for a job placement is waiting for me there now. This is a very unusual occurrence. However, in God’s timetable, there is no such thing as unusual or untimely. Everything happened and will happen according to His plans and purposes for my family. God has laid out this journey way before creation came to be. It’s the best plan. It’s beyond my comprehension. My family have seen the hand of the Lord from one miracle to another and only God can do it in the fulfillment of His promise to us. And to confirm this promise, He has shown this same verse to Bim and me in two separate occasions:

Isaiah 14:24 “The Lord of hosts has sworn: As I have planned, so shall be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand.”

My being a nurse is His vehicle to bring us to the Physical Promised Land of Inheritance. This is His dream, not mine, nor Bim’s. And when He blesses and directs, He adds no trouble to it.

As of now, my visa hasn’t arrived. But I know in my heart, that it is coming. I trust God’s sovereignty and His promises that He will bring it to completion, to the place where we could join Him in His kingdom building here on earth. We are about to cross the Jordan River, on our way to physically claim God’s Promised Land.

There is always a time element involved in the promises of God in our lives. We must be careful not to allow unbelief to grow during a time period that seems to delay His promise. God uses time as a tool for the testing of our hearts to bring us into dependence on His supernatural power and childlike trust in His ways.

I have been in this church for 20 good, loving, blessed years! There’s more miraculous stories to tell, I could write chapters about my life journey here and fill up a library. Bim and I grew up and were spiritually nurtured here. It is in this church that we were trained and equipped for His service. I believe this is a time for weaning for a greater task ahead for a higher calling. It’s time for us to go. It hurts to leave our loved ones and a spiritual family such as ours. We have loved you as Christ loves this body of people. But I also know that you will send us with your prayers and blessing and believing that God is looking after us, we will be in safe hands.

To my spiritual mentors, Manang Lidj, and Mayang
To my FFI family, Manong William and Ruby and the rest of the team
To the Operation Care Ministry family, Manong Manny, Marissa and the heads of team
To my Women of Purpose family, Rose, Wing, Frandi and all the ladies of WOP
To my Ikthus family, Arbee, April and and the rest of the staff.
To my prayer Jonathans: Ione and Jessa who prayed with me through this journey
To Bim’s Bond of Brothers: Manolo, Mitch, and Raffy, who journeyed with us in prayer
To our partners in the ministry: Nong Dan, Jing, Ramon and Christy, John and Marijo, Jason and Milay, our original cell group
To my Ladies of the Ring friends: Kiki, Jinky, June, Ann and Miles, they rejoiced and wept with me, through the good times and the bad.
To my nursing groupmates: Myra, Mari, Ann, Ed, Mok, and the rest
To our families, the Locsins, Papa, Gerro and Gina, Meg and Jang, Tita Alice, Tita Nena, Ray and Lynel
The Gomez’s, Tita Pynky and Aischa and their families, our step-dad, Heiner and the Salvadors, Mama, Manong Jojo, Manong Jiji, Manong Juls, Manong John, Jeffrey and Janice and their families. Through thick and thin you all were with us, supporting us through and through.
To our supporters and friends who believed in what we are doing… there are so many of you….and you know who you are,
And to our beloved Pastor Joe, for sending us off with a blessing

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are all part of our journey. May our good Lord indeed open the floodgates of heaven and pour out His blessings upon you as well!

To close my testimony, I would just like to share with you a poem I have written in February 3, 2008:


When I am sad, You take the frown
When fast I ran, You slow me down
When down I drown, You pull me out
And to the ground, You lift me up.

Oh Lord my God, You shine above
No more to hide, no more the pride
You wrap me love, you keep me warm
No more the tears, no more the harm.

When I am tired, You grant me rest
And when I'm swift, You say, "not yet"
When heart's so hard, Your love abounds
When I am lost, You take me home.

Oh Lord my God, Your love everlasting
When I'm wayward, You always cling
When I go far, You stay and wait
With grace You stay until I'm found.

When I'm afraid, You cover me
With hands so tender, You comfort me
Heavens may fall, and stars no more
Your ever presence, fears are washed ashore.

Oh Lord my God, You love me so
For this I know, You always show
My precious God, my loving God
My heart is filled, my heart is glad.

To God be all glory forever and ever, Amen!

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