Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thank God, I am a Filipino

I may be swearing in as an Australian citizen but there’s not a doubt that my heart is and will always be a Filipino. My country, The Philippines, the land of the morning, the land of the free, is composed of 7,107 beautiful islands, the largest known archipelago in the world- is the center of my affections. It is my true home. I do feel desperate, frustrated, and much so sad that my home country is suffering.

But I thank God for suffering! No nation or individual in the entire course of human history has become great without suffering. Thank God for the pollution, the crime, the poverty, the squalor and the misery. Thank God for all the people who moan and complain, thank God for all the people who get down on their knees to pray, and weep and proclaim: “Something has to change!”

So to rubbish with what the world, the media, the millions of cynics may say! Because “yes, the Filipino can” and soon the Filipino will! I refuse to lose hope in the Filipino, because I refuse to lose hope in my family and friends, I refuse to lose hope in myself. Thank God, the Filipinos can change. Thank God, we, Filipinos can work, inspire, lead, act and care!

Whatever else the future brings, thank God, THANK GOD I am still, and forever will be a Filipino!

I am attaching herewith a moving video of a poor Filipino boy who finds a paper Philippine flag in the dirt, dusts it off and climbs up an abandoned flagpole with it. It shows the true heart of every Filipino; resilient, committed, love of country, dedicated and strong to the end. The song in the background is the "Lupang Hinirang", our national anthem, simply delivered by a choir of innocent voices. It made me cry. Everything I love about my Philippines is represented in that boy. When he reaches the top of the pole, he raises and waves the Philippine flag. He is like the eagle, with wings spread out shining, strong, young and free!

God bless the Philippines!

Mabuhay ka Pilipinas!

2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)
"if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land".

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