Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To my "Fantastic Four"

Looking at this picture, gives Oh so much delight in my life
It brings deep joy, my heart can’t express much, words are not enough 
The day each of you were born, I knew my world will forever change
I still recall the endurance I have to take, for each labor and pain.

Each of you taught me so much, about unconditional love and such
Your lives showed me life’s meaning, to live for everyday.
You brought me so much more than I can ever dare to dream
Pop and I are so proud of you in each and every way.

CJ, our firstborn, so ambitious, determined, strong and focused
You’ve led a good example to your siblings, one for being courageous.
Jed, fun- loving, creative, hardworking and persevering
You are becoming the man of great honor, what great joy you bring!

Our Daisy, sensitive, pure, as delicate as the lovely flower
You’re amazingly beautiful inside, you bring forth great power.
The lovely Caila, demure, so serving, keen and mature
Your words bring healing, the tightest hugs makes everyone secure.

More often you fight, you disagree, and the unending whine
But  you forgive with words and you forget with a tight embrace.
You are siblings, don’t ever forget, you were knitted in my womb
You’re one, same blood one vine, you're Pop’s and mine, our very own.

Your personalities are so different yet, at times you are the same,
You all love Jesus, hearts are quiet, actions are confident, tongues are tamed,
The one thing I know for sure that will keep you upright and true
You will love each other so and treasure the godly values we taught you.

You hold such strong kinship that transcends the ties of blood
Honor it, nourish it, protect it, keep it alive, keep it always new
Watch out, support each other always, remember you are one
God will bind and bless you through each life journey as you go.

You have grown so fast, we wish your youth had remained
Your parents’ love so profound and deep, so difficult to explain
Someday you’ll be gone, maybe far away, you’ll have families too
Our precious ones, simply know we’re just here, and that we love you so.  


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