Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's that in your hands?

The past week had been a real testing ground of faith for me and my family. After the incident with my dearly loved eldest brother of ours come other forms of “mountain-trial experiences” to tackle: the huge hospital bill, my brother's recuperation, and so forth.  Yet and again, God had shown Himself mighty and sovereign.  He provided for every need!  Praise Him!  

It came to me that God can take ‘anything’ what we are keeping for ourselves. This may be:   A habit or lifestyle (smoking, drugs, alcohol), a prized possession, a position in office, your job, or even your spouse or partner, your children?  What about your hopes, fears, broken relationships, ambitions?  Oftentimes, when there is a cry for help, we’re so quick to say, "Hey, not me what could I possibly do? I can’t do it. I am not ready.  I simply can’t quit now.  Call the pastor, or others can do a better job than me!”  Then we find ourselves saying, “It will only complicate things…this is a stumbling block—my life is doing so good now, I can manage…. I’m over this… but not yet.  I don’t have enough, there’s nothing of me to give.”

Actually you have something to give.  Let me tell you, God can take them away from you!  He takes our limited abilities, our weaknesses, our  resources, our comforts in life, our dreams and use them for whatever way He chooses for kingdom building and for great purposes. 

The key to the “miraculous” is first of all seeing the need. Then the tough part – the letting go. Once released, God uses what you are keeping for yourself  to tap into His grace and power.  That’s when miracles happen!  They come as we grow in faith and learn to look to God for His grace - and not to our own abilities.

The big question here is this, “Are you humble enough to let go what it is you have in your hands?”  I’ll leave that up to you.

“Then the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?”
“A staff,” Moses replied.
The Lord said, “Throw it on the ground.” Ex 2:2-3

Color:  Seashell
Nikon D40 Macro lens
Song:  Alvin Slaughter:  What’s that you have in your hand?
Please listen to the song.  You’ll be blessed.  I dedicate this song to my siblings.  The greatest MIRACLE I have is you.  I love you all! 

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