Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing is Wasted

The news of our dearly loved eldest brother Jojo having a heart attack shook us all.  It was a family crisis, more so for those of us siblings living abroad.  But thank God for a successful operation.  My brother went through a two-vessel stent Angioplasty resolving two left and right blocked arteries.  Prayers were stormed in the heavenlies lifing up my brother for healing and restoration.

The ordeal my brother went through emerged a life-changing, life-transformation experience for him, thus, a MIRACLE!

There's nothing that escapes the notice of God. Everything matters to Him. Not only does it matter, but if you are His child, He promises that every part of your life will be used for your good and His glory.
Let it be our prayer that we trust God with every circumstance and moment of our life and for Him to let us see glimpses of how He is making our life beautiful.  Our creator do not waste anything, instead, HE uses everything!  Amen!

"Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted" John 6:12b NIV.

Color:  Seed
Nikon D40
This was an avocado seed taking root planted on a pot of good soil where an old-dried plant had taken homage.  I dedicate the song below to my brother, Jojo Salvador.  I love you Manong.  Your life is more than precious to us!

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