Thursday, September 26, 2013

So Is A Smile!

Just as sweet as the flow’rs in bloom 
of spring array’d
So is a smile, such lovely portrait
of a semblance portray’d.
Just as the mountains beamed
to gape on spring
So is a smile, as light as feather
refreshment it brings.

Just as fresh dewdrops glisten
like glass beads pearly spray
So is a smile, a glimpse
of heaven’s matchless display!
Just as lovely blossoms beam like
the morning sunshine
So is a smile, momentary troubles
Compel to unwind.

Just as the nightingale seranades
her lullaby by sunfall
So is a smile, of a little child’s
who hears its mother’s call.
Just as the bees kissing the soft
velvety petals of a rose
So is a smile, inequities are forgiven
and silences the opposed.

An ORANGE day at the backyard.
Enjoy and watch a favourite song of mine. I love, love this video! Trust me, you’ll be left grinning the whole day! 

Blessings from Perth!

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