Monday, November 4, 2013


Immediately after the night shift was a side trip to the hardware store to buy some lights, a few more potted plants and a short picket fence to install around my herb garden. 

Just when I was about to pay at the cashier, this lady said, “You’re a nurse, aren’t you?”

I quickly replied, “Yes?”

And then she continued, “And you just got out from work. How was the night shift?”

I said, “It was very busy. And how did you know I’m a nurse?”

She pointed to my ID. And just when I was about to say something, she interrupted by saying, “You nurses are a gem! You guys are beyond measure! You work very hard, oftentimes unappreciated. You save lives and you always wear a smile. Just like you now. Your eyes show you’re tired but the smile never left your face.”

I was left bewildered.

And then she said, “Because of that, this, this and this (pointing to some plants, the lights and other little things that I bought) is on me!”

I was shocked! She offered to pay half of my bill!

Wow, totally unexpected. I had so much joy in my heart way beyond measure! What a treat. Indeed, the joy of the Lord is my strength!

Thank you amazing God!

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