Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prayer Tray

I have always wanted for my family to make prayer a lifestyle. And so this little project of mine was inspired by our Tita Pynky, who does prayer fasting once a week, and out of my desire for my children to become prayerful individuals.

I have seen and heard many people devise ways to make prayer life a wonder. Some have the gift and it comes naturally. Others use paraphernalia like writing in journals, sticks, leaves or with lighted candles while fasting. The idea of using candles is very nice but I don’t want my house on fire. For safety reasons, I came up with stones.

Yesterday, I went to a pet store and bought some white, gray and other colored decorative stones… yes, the ones you see inside a fish tank. The white, large stones represent the members of my family (the core group) and the rest of the stones, I marked with names of all the loved ones, relatives and friends that we want to pray for. Each stone represents a person or a family who are precious in the eyes of God. The stones serve as a reminder to pray for someone that day or that week.

My children are ages 15, 13, 8 and 5 and I would like for them to experience prayer as a joy. So this activity doesn’t have many rules. Just as long as the stones are treated as “precious” and returned to the tray, we’re okay. I also have extra stones and a marker at a safe place, just in case someone asks us to pray for them.

How do we do it?

We pick two stones: one from the core group at the center of the tray (white stones marked with each of our names on it) and another one from the colored stones for those we are led to pray for.
We each pray for the names that are marked on the stones for the day or for the whole week. We can pray for as many people as the Spirit leads. Then we put them inside the cute pouches as we will be carrying them all throughout the day.

After we’re done praying, we return the stones back to where they were originally parked.

I am looking forward to the fruits of our prayer life. This is one way to teach our children that prayer is a lifestyle. You might also want to log in the names that were prayed for in a small notebook. It will surely be exciting to see the hand of the Lord in the lives of our loved ones and friends as we pray for them faithfully.

I hope this was helpful to you


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