Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Silent Prayer

written during my desert experience


I come to you, O Lord in prayer,
Knowing and believing, you're always there;
With folded hands and bended knees,
Prayer, I know, is the ultimate key.

I wept, my heart in despair,
I asked if You ever care,
"Trust and Obey", was all I could hear,
In my heart, t'was ever so clear.

"Come and taste my goodness," You mused,
All the while I wandered, so confused.
In the desert, I was dry and alone-
Bewildered, I pondered until dawn.

Finally, I released of myself and stripped off,
Suddenly, fresh annointing of Your Spirit, I felt.
So gentle, so loving, so fragile, so soft,
Before His throne, with humility, my heart melts.

In prayer, relentlessly, unknown,
My God, in His favor, He has shown-
True love, my burdens He has carried,
For me on the cross until He was buried.

You gave me Hope, You gave me life!
Through resurrection power, You are my light.
My heavy yoke, the battle is not my fight,
But by Your Spirit, not mine power nor might.

Precious dear Lord, I thank you, I pray-
I will hear of you, in Your arms I stay.
In my silent prayer, You teach me to do,
In my life's journey, you leadeth I go.

Read about my desert experience, a series called: REVELATIONS, at Day by day Devotional website:

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