Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sandwich for Lunch.... for a change

This is just one of those days when cooking is not the order of the day.... so sandwich for lunch it is, for a change!

If you have this nifty gadget called, Sandwich Griller, is awesome! If you don't own one, get one!

I had so much left over adobo so I converted it to pinitaw. And with some thinly sliced apples and cheese.... I was all set.

First, mix the pinitaw with your favorite brand MAYONAISE, arrange the ingredients into a sandwich with a slice of apple first, then the prepared pinitaw, more spurts of mayo, and top with a slice of cheese and some leafy lettuce. Grill the sandwich for 5 minutes and serve while hot.

Your kids will enjoy let them try it! It's so easy to do and super delicious! Exceedingly nutritious too! Enjoy!

the smiley grilled sandwich and tweety bird..... ain't they look great together?

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