Monday, June 10, 2013

The Spring of Winter

The winter comes; I walk alone, 
No bird in sight that  sing; 
For me to keep my heart my own 
The winter is "my" spring. 
No flowers to see--no bees that hum-- 
The coming spring's already come.  
I will love the cold, the slippery road 
 I’ll keep warm in my abode.  
All sacred gifts sent unto us 
Are made by God's own hands - 
And always, they are precious ones 
To love just as He plans! 
While lillies in the valley rest, 
And clad are crystal trees... 
A lifeless day revives the soul 
Through coldness on a breeze. 
These heavenly troves to come our way, 
So beautiful, big or small... 
Will touch our lives through each new day - 
God's gifts... they're best of all!

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