Thursday, February 7, 2008

Enjoy Harmony in your Home - Part 2

Discover your personal management style. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to run your home the way others do, figure out how to make your unique design and God-given gifts work best for you. Make a list of activities that energize you, and another of tasks that drain your energy. As you study the list of what you like to do, notice what patterns you see repeated in them. Do you enjoy working with people, numbers, tools, words, ideas, techniques, colors, fabrics, food, or physical things? Then ask yourself how you can spend more time and energy on tasks you enjoy and do well. How can you maximize your strengths and delegate the jobs that drain you? Are there other family members who like to do what you don’t like doing yourself? If so, could you delegate those tasks to them? If not, could you barter with a friend to switch tasks sometimes at each other’s homes, or hire help to get certain tasks done? Remember that there will always be jobs you hate doing, but you can learn to work with your strengths and work around areas where you’re not gifted and through people who are.

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