Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enjoy Harmony in Your Home - Part V

Build teamwork among your family members. Give every family member in your house the opportunity to express their goals for your household. Then do whatever you can to work together to pursue common goals. Avoid nagging or yelling when trying to motivate family members to pitch in with their share of the work around the house; realize that nagging and yelling never motivates people and creates negative relationships with them. Instead, identify expectations clearly (define what your family considers to be a clean house, and how certain chores should be done to be done successfully) and negotiate with kindness and respect. Use incentives like praise and rewards to positively motivate your family members – especially your children. Remember that you’re doing your kids a favor when you require them to help with household chores; you’re helping them learn valuable life skills they’ll need when they live on their own, and you’re giving them opportunities to invest in their home to increase their sense that it belongs to them, too. Be sure to thank each of your family members for the chores they do, even though they’re expected to do the work. Let them know regularly how much you appreciate their contributions to your family’s household.

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