Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Enjoy Harmony in Your Home - Part III

Write a family mission statement. Sit down with your spouse to think and pray about setting priorities for your family. Why does your family exist? What is God’s purpose for your family, and what’s your basic approach to achieving that purpose? What are you trying to accomplish as your family’s manager? What core values guide your decisions? What type of atmosphere do you want to create in your home? What type of memories do you want your children to take with them once they grow up and leave home? Realize that if you fail to set clear priorities and build your decisions around them, your family life will likely end up quite different from how you’d like it to be. So write a family mission statement that explains what’s most important to your family, and why. Then keep that mission statement in mind when you make decisions every day, so you can build your choices around what’s most important to your family. Whenever your plans are interrupted by something unexpected happening, pray for God to help you put those interruptions into perspective so they don’t cause you unnecessary stress, and to give you the wisdom you need to respond to them well.

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