Thursday, February 21, 2008


This poem is dedicated to
my ever true
and loving husband,

I know of a man
hardworking and strong
whose hands are busy
and works day long.
He stands with a good name
with integrity, not fame
to his children he leaves
a legacy, unblemished.
To model a life of wisdom
for Christ, as he gets older.
I know this because
He is a father.

I know of such a man
who shares the pain
and rejoices when
a sibling has a gain.
He lends a hand
when trouble comes
and will always
be there to understand.
He sees first the other
before his very own.
I know this because
He is a brother.

I know of that man
reflects the heart
of his love for Christ
Who walks in faith
And trusts so deep
His words he always keeps.
He loves the Lord
for Him to hold his dreams
and hopes unfold
and trust His plans.
I know this because
He is a Christian.

I know the man
from God He gave
to one who loves him so.
His words are gentle
and loves so warm
his touch is always fragile.
A best friend, forever
a wise mentor,
and a mysterious lover.
He treats me grand
I know this because
He is my husband.

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pfranklin said...

blessings to you this morning,