Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crossroads - "My cup is filled"

It's a cool
clammy morning
I feel the air
smell of green grass
my eyes look up
with my empty cup.
A lovely day -
blue skies amass
I lay my Bible
on my lap,
to drink of living waters
to bath in showers
that never rans dry -
pools of streams
refreshes a neck that's wry.
Holy Spirit, it's me, You leadeth,
like a dance
in the heat waves,
my spirit will not waives
or in the desert
my well pollulates.

You bring truth to emptiness
to overflowing
from barreness,
my heart bestowing.
In Your presence
so infilling.
My cup runneth over
surely I drink
and am satisfied -
yet no one knows!
Into my depths
purport sinks.
And so I dance and sing
With my soul, I cling
Unto You, O God
Precious love, You bring.
Living waters,
a real thing.
O glorious God
I wear Your ring
I wish they knew
You are my King!

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