Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Prayerful Eyes

Those chocolate brown eyes
Oh how bright as the skies!
Encapsulated in innocence
bristled with sweetness -
like honey in the wild
so pure, untainted.

They shine like pearls -
like stars, they magically twinkle.
unlike the other girls-
my heart, they tickle.
the very depths of my being,
once touched, gleefully, I sing.

Those eyes, subtle as they seem,
many beautiful days they have seen.
Moments of sorrow, they hide in a shadow.
Though they love laughing freely, like a dove.
Yet like glass, so fragile, so sweet -
a chiseled crystal that crumbles under anyone’s feet.

There was once, those eyes, I glanced,
and was healed from life’s hurts and pains.
A balm like green grass in the fields
of dandelions and fresh rain
or a stream of silver leaves afloat,
Oh heavens! They’re truly I devote!

Those gorgeous eyes belong to-
A child’s prayerful heart.
Those eyes reflect the windows to
whom I dearly love.
Each day, many names she lifts up to
the Heavenly One above.

Protect those eyes, Oh God.
I pray they’re never sad.
For all the blessed years to come
Life’s troubles, I wish she'll never have.
Oh God, grant my cry, a mother’s desire
Unto her heart and spirit, ignite afire.

But only then can I be at rest
When I release her to you, Father.
She'll journey on her own life's quest
the only way to stay stronger
and fulfill her dreams to her best
I can only hold her for so much longer.

May she grow fearing You,
who will stand but never afraid.
May she trust and obey You
unwavering, that she’ll never trade.
And forevermore love You -
a devotion that will never fade.

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