Sunday, February 10, 2008

Song of Redemption

written February 3, 2007
Women's Retreat

When I am sad, You take the frown
When fast I ran, You slow me down
When down I drown, You pull me up
And to the ground, You lift me up.

Oh Lord my God, You shine above
No more to hide, no more the pride
You wrap me love, you keep me warm
No more the tears, no more the harm.

When I am tired, You grant me rest
And when I'm swift, You say, "not yet"
When heart's so hard, Your love abounds
When I am lost, You take me home.

Oh Lord my God, Your love everlasting
When I'm wayward, You always cling
When I go far, You stay and wait
With grace You stay until I'm found.

When I'm afraid, You cover me
With hands so tender, You comfort me
Heavens may fall, and stars no more
Your ever presence, fears are washed ashore.

Oh Lord my God, You love me so
For this I know, You always show
My precious God, my loving God
My heart is filled, my heart is glad.

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